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Somnomed’s SomnoDent®is a custom made device worn during sleep toincrease the upper airway volume and reducecollapsibility. SomnoDent®Flex& Classic devices each utilize a uniquefin coupling component, maximizing patient comfort and compliance.


Health Benefits
SomnoDent®treatment has also been shown to have a clinically significant impact in reducing patients’ blood pressure and hasbeen predicted to reduce the risk of stroke. Inaddition, this blood pressure reduction was apparent in the early morning, which is the time ofpeak risk for acute myocardial infarction.



Clinically Proven
14 independent studiesand over 12 years’ worth ofresearch demonstrate SomnoDent efficacy and significant clinical benefits. Exceptional levels of compliance88%, treatment efficacy 91% and acceptance96% of patients with OSA have been cited.


Health Outcomes
In 2011, a randomizemulti-center trial with 108 patients concludedthat treatmentof moderate-severe OSA with either CPAP or SomnoDent has similar effectson health outcomes.


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